USB Pen Drive Lightsaber

lightsaber pen drive

Just when you thought they'd created every type of lightsaber possible along comes the Lightsaber thumb drive or memory stick. It was bound to happen sooner or later though right and who better to supply a novelty item like this then a Japanese manufacturer.

These officially licenced Lucasfilms collectibles glow once they're plugged in to your USB port plus because they're USB they'll work on PCs or your Mac. You have the choice of having a Lightsaber pendrive in either Jedi green or Sith red so whatever side of the Force you sit on you'll be kept happy.

The amount of storage on offer is kinda small at just 1GB but then do you really care? Any self-respecting geek and Star Wars fan is kinda obliged to own one of these cool little gadgets right? Where else are you going to get a Lightsaber thumbdrive?

  • 5 inches long

  • Jedi green or Sith Red

  • 1GB of story

  • USB interface

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