How To Build Your Own Lightsaber

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The lightsaber although elegant and deadly is not a very complex weapon in construction. The following are the parts needed to build a lightsaber for Jedi or Sith combat:

  • Handgrip

  • Activation plate

  • Safety switch

  • Emitter matrix

  • Blade-length adjuster

  • Lens assembly

  • 1-3 Adegan crystals

  • Power cell

  • Power conduit

  • Recharge socket

  • Lightsaber toolkit

During training a Jedi is provided with a training lightsaber by their Master. This saber normally operates at 25% of normal strength. This is to prevent serious injury to either the Padawan or the Master. Upon completion of their training a Jedi is expected to build a lightsaber to suit their personal combat form.

This process of construction takes up to 6 weeks and can only be properly completed by a true Jedi due to the intricacy of the work involved. A Jedi "bonds" with their lightsaber as they build it.

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