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Star Wars Force Fx Lightsabers Are Here!

Star Wars fans everywhere have dreamed of owning a real lightsaber for as long as

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they can remember - if truth be told. From the first second you all saw Obi Wan Kenobi turn on that lightsaber it became a fantasy to own one. You all wanted to own your own replica lightsaber as much as anything else you could have imagined up to that point. Playing with normal swords would never be enough for any true Star Wars fan from that point on. Over the years we may all have aged but we've not really grown up - we still want to own a real lightsaber no matter what. There was something very special about the lightsaber. Something none of us could explain. Every Star Wars fan simply knew that they had to own one. It became the ultimate weapon in many of our eyes. We all wanted one because it could cut through steel, deflect laser blasts, be used in hand-to-hand combat, be thrown as a long range weapon and well... it just looked really, really cool.

Over the years the Star Wars toy market has been flooded with cheap plastic lightsabers that were nothing like the real thing. They kept you occupied while you waitd for a true lightsaber replica to arrive; one that really made you feel like a Jedi in training! We all spent years fighting with cheap plastic imitations. These had Star Wars written on the box but the lightsaber inside never, ever lived up to your expectations did it? In some cases a flourescent tube and some duct tape would have been more convincing!

The good news is that the years of waiting are over. There are now real lightsabers for sale online. Ok ok these don't actually cut through steel doors or allow you to deflect laser blasts with a flick of your wrist. They are the single best lightsaber replica I've ever seen though - and I've owned lots of toy lightsabers over the years.

So how are these lightsabers better? Firstly they're manufactured under licence to Lucasfilms which means that they look exactly like the real thing. Secondly they're extremely well made - the quality is amazing. Last but not least is the technology used in each lightsaber. These lightsabers ignite from the bottom upwards (just like in the movies) and also contain motion sensors which, when activated, use genuine Star Wars light saber sound effects when you move the lightsaber or hit something with it.


Admit it - you really want one don't you? The only question left now is whether you want a Jedi lightsaber or a Sith one?

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